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I'm Shannon Oleksak and I've been a photographer for fifteen years - at times documenting my clients from their engagement session all the way through their wedding day and eventually their growing family.


ABOUT shannon

Hi! I'm Shannon, a wedding and family portrait photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina.  

I have a passion for photography and still pinch myself that I get to do this for a living—I get to witness and be there for some of the most important moments in my clients' lives. Whether it is marrying the love of your life or welcoming a new baby, each moment is unique and special. 

When I moved to Charleston I knew it was home.  I live with my husband, three kids, in a house not far from the Folly beach where you'll notice a lot of my sessions take place - it's so beautiful.


there is magic in the between

During each session, I have a calmness but also know when to step up and take control. I will get down and chat with your kiddos or wrangle all the family members at your wedding for family photos.  I also love to stay in the background and capture your day as it unfolds. I always joke that I will let you have a break, but I might still photograph you as we walk to a new location as I find those in between moments just might be your favorites. 



Exploring new places with my three kiddos.

Traveling with my family—it's not always easy but worth it.

On the beach, obviously.

Our own family sessions, regularly!

Camping and hiking!

what i like about                           is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.            


— karl lagerfeld

client love

They come to me because they love the carefree, light, and breezy feel of my photos, but then quickly realize during their own sessions that it's because I allow them to just be.

There won't be any drill sergeant posing prompts yelled out or desperately bribing little ones for smiles - promise.

My clients love their hair in the wind, bare feet, and a sweet sunset.

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